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Colonial Inn, Ogunquit, Maine, Summer, 2017, Kickoff Party

Save the Date: The Colonial Inn’s 2017 Annual Summer Kickoff Party

Get ready to celebrate summer in Ogunquit—as exquisite a season and a location as anyplace in America, we’d venture to say—with the Colonial Inn!

Well, OK, we’re a little ways off from our summer kickoff party, but we’re too excited not to start getting the word out about it. Our big blowout will take place this year on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, and we want you to be a part of it!

The Colonial Inn’s 2017 Annual Summer Kickoff Party

This is our way to welcome in the warm, sunny, happily bustling months of summertime, when Ogunquit’s seaside perch on the Atlantic becomes outright sublime. People have been coming to this little town for better than a century to bask in its summer airs, and we like to mark the season’s grand entrance with proper fanfare.

That means live music, of course, as well as plenty of fantastic food and drinks—all playing out on our lovely grounds here at the Colonial Inn.

All of the proceeds from those food and beverage sales, by the way, will go to the local scholarship fund over at Wells High School, so you’re supporting a very good cause. We’re so happy to support the school—and show our partygoers a good time, all in one fell swoop!

The Colonial Inn Opens Its Doors for the Season This April

Our Annual Summer Kickoff Party may mark an undeniable highlight of our year here at the Colonial Inn, but our doors are opening well before. We’ll begin our 2017 season the weekend of April 14th, and we can’t wait to welcome our first guests of the year! Besides the usual top notch accommodations, amenities, and overall hospitality that defines our Victorian-era hotel, we’re also eager to show off two freshly renovated rooms over in the Guest House: rooms 503 and 504, to be exact, which will be sporting new furniture, fixtures, and flooring.

Plan Your 2017 Getaway to the Colonial Inn

We hope you’ll join us for our 2017 Annual Summer Kickoff Party this June—and we also look forward to welcoming you anytime you can make it out to Ogunquit and the Colonial Inn this year! Get in touch with us today and book your stay!